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Why KRBC ?
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Why KRBC ?

KRBC brings to Manila its tried and tested infertility treatment from Japan. We have come to share our expertise and success in assisted reproductive technology to couples that are trying to conceive. We provide a state-of-the-art, effective, safe and compassionate approach to infertility management at very affordable rates. We share the same dream of building your families. Let’s make it happen.

Japan’s > 20 years experience in ART, now in Manila.

In 1990, Dr. Osamu Kato started Towako Maternity Clinic in Kanazawa city in the Ishikawa prefecture of Japan. He formulated his IVF stimulation protocols through clinical research. After achieving some success, in 1993, he moved to Shinjuku-ward in Tokyo and established Kato Ladies Clinic. He continued his pursuit in developing the ideal stimulation protocol for IVF. In the next 19 years, his protocols evolved into a more natural and physiologic approach in follicular stimulation. Alongside this, his IVF laboratory developed advances in culturing, cryopreservation and transfer procedures. The marriage of a natural approach and advanced technology has made Kato Ladies Clinic a leader in ART in Japan. This is what Kato Repro Biotech Center brings to the Philippines.

Natural cycle and Minimal stimulation IVF ? it’s body-friendly

Natural cycle IVF is the simplest yet the most delicate treatment method that has the least interference with the oocyte’s natural development. This adheres to nature’s process of natural selection. No medication is given to stimulate follicular growth. Minimal stimulation may be used in women in the advanced age or in women with a history of poor response to stimulation. Oral medication followed by the addition of mild doses of injections may be given to support follicular growth. Our unique protocols support and enhance the body’s natural course when conceiving, thereby maximizing the fertility potential without disturbing the body’s natural balance.

Over 30,000 babies born using our protocols.

Since the day that Dr. Osamu Kato opened the doors of his fertility clinic, his goal of helping childless couples has remained to be his primary goal in life. He shared every new idea and discovery with his colleagues and his students. These protocols he developed have brought great happiness to our patients and KRBC wishes to add to the growing number of babies born using these protocols.

Success Rates

From April 2012 until June 2014, a total of 499 embryo transfers have been performed in our clinic. The graph on the right shows the pregnancy rate from April 2012 until June 2014 according to age group and type of embryo transferred. It shows that blastocyst transfers have higher success rates among all age groups.
Pregnancy rate per embryo transfer by age group Clinical pregnancy rates per type of embryo transfer by age group




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