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Emblem of the clinic Entrance

Emblem of the clinic



Waiting room Consultation room

Waiting room

Spacious and comfortable. Television monitors and wireless internet access make the short wait seem even shorter.

Consultation room

Four consultation rooms with electronic medical record (EMR) consoles are available for private consultations with our physicians and embryologists.
Examination room Treatment room

Examination room

Three examination rooms are equipped with state of the art ultrasound machines with personal monitors and fully automatic examination beds.

Treatment room

Essential laboratory tests are performed using top of the line machines which can release results within 30 minutes.
Operating Room Recovery room

Operating Room

Three well-appointed operating theatres with monitors that allow patients to view procedures at every step of the way.

Recovery room

Nine beds with personal lockers provide a private and soothing ambiance before and after procedures.
Laboratory Clean room


Modern equipment and machines coupled with high degree of sterility provide a safe and reliable environment.

Clean room

A certified clean room which has the latest micro manipulation tools and incubators allow us to perform sensitive procedures and keep your gametes and embryos in optimal condition.

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