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Single embryo transfer

Reason why our clinic attaches importance to single embryo transfer

1) The physical risk arising from multiple pregnancy should be avoided;
2) Pregnancy rate is not elevated even by simultaneous transfer of multiple embryos.

Causes and risks of multiple pregnancy

The incidence of multiple pregnancy can be elevated by multiple ovulation (due to ovulation-inducing drugs used during infertility treatment) and transfer of multiple embryos after fertilization in vitro (returning two or more fertilized eggs into the uterus). Because single pregnancy is a normal form of pregnancy for humans, multiple pregnancy can elevate the incidence of premature labor, cesarean section, maternal complications and premature infants. Multiple pregnancy places additional burden on obstetric and neonatal practices.

set graph

This graph represents the data collected at KLC several years ago. During the 6-year period from 2002 to 2008, the single embryo transfer rate rose from 57.8% to 99.9%.Since 2009, its rate has kept 100%. At the same time, the multiple pregnancy rate was successfully reduced to 1.4% (national average: 5.3%) while causing no reduction in the pregnancy rate.

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